Low Key lighting.


True Modelling by Iolaire Photography Jan 2013 

On Monday I had the pleasure working with True Modelling and experimenting  with low key lighting, inspired by the film noir films of the 40s and 50s. Low Key lighting is a technique which utilises one primary strong light to create a harsh strong lighting that conveys a dark, moody and even threatening atmosphere to the photographs. I mainly used only this one light source and a reflector to eliminate unwanted shadows, and it was definitely a hit or miss type of shoot, but produced a few images that I really liked.

femme fatale[1] A classic Low Key lighting effect

It really is a hot or miss sort of thing as the primary source of lighting is very specific, moving the model, or even asking them to change pose means moving the light. Not using a soft box also means using a reflector to provide the right amount of fill in light without destroying the sought after effect.


True Modelling by Iolaire Photography Jan 2013

There were on occasions I did use the soft box to provide fill in, like in the picture above. In photography like lots of aspects of life it is the mistakes and times when things go wrong that are the most valuable; and this shoot was no exception. My model for the night was great, gave the shoot a lot of thought beforehand and her look was fantastic. It is something I  will come back to in the future and got me to really think about lighting.


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