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Purestorm isn’t as much fun as it used to be. I came back to using the site a couple of months after a short hiatus, but reading the posts, things seemed to have changed.

It used to be a laugh, but recently there seems to be a proliferation of threads about what annoys you about a tog or a model.  A couple of models have reported quite horrible and upsetting personal attacks albeit via the messenger system.  Some posters take delight in belittling or insulting the opinions of others. I know there will always things that rile us or that we disagree with, but surely we are all adult enough to employ civility and grace to those with who we are in disagreement. At points it has been childish and as far as I can see it is generated by togs rather than models.

The general chat and off topic forums are the worst. The majority of posters are decent and often thoughtful people, but there are a few characters that make me groan inwardly. So I tend to avoid it now. Bitchiness is never an attractive trait in either sex.

It would not be fair to tar everyone with the same brush. In the short time since I began to photograph models the togs that I have met in person have been great, encouraging and friendly. But it is a shame that I really feel I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the forums.  Oh well….