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HDR, you either love it or hate it.

H.D.R High dynamic range is a technique where several exposures are blended together to bring out highlights and details that may normally be hidden by a correctly exposed image. Normally 3 to 5 images are taken with some deliberately over and under exposed.  Using a programme like Photomatix you can achieve several different effects. This is a shot of the main hall at Kelvingrove Art Galleries in Glasgow where these floating heads are a popular subject for pictures. I broke the cardinal rule of HDR photography here by not using a tripod, but reasonably pleased with the result. A tripod is used to make sure all the images taken at different exposures are of exactly the same scene. Any movement is captured as a kind of ghostly image, which may not be pleasing. I leant on the balcony which runs around the first floor of the galleries to get some kind of support. It isn’t pin sharp but not to bad. H.D.R probably  is best used when done sparingly and can produce some stunning results.  The Kelvingrove art galleries is a wonderful art gallery and museum, free to visit and has some stunning works of art. Well worth a visit if you are visiting Glasgow. Remember to take your camera and tripod too!kelvingroveheads



Iolaire is the Scot’s Gaelic for eagle, a beautiful but elusive bird that inhabits the highlands of Scotland. I picked this title as it reflects what I want to put here. Things where there may be beauty therein, but it maybe elusive. Iolaire is also associated in the Islands with one of the greatest maritime tragedies in peace time. It was the name of a an admiralty yacht that was taking servicemen to the Hebridean island of Lewis and Harris when it struck rocks just outside of Stornoway harbour in 1918. Over 200 fathers, sons, brothers and husbands were lost.  A  terrible tragedy for a fragile island community that already had suffered a great toll after the carnage of the first world war.

It seems to me that beauty, elusiveness and tragedy are concepts that often are intertwined. In my images, thoughts and words I hope to reflect that and seek out that beauty.